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Recital Info


Thank you for making 2015 recital a success!

Recital 2016 Info

Dates TBD

Seneca High School

Photo Date: TBD - Schanne Studio

Dress Rehearsal: Friday, TBD - Seneca High School

Times to be given at a later date



  If your dancer is participating in our 2016 recital, please know that costumes are made to order, cannot be returned, therefore, there are NO REFUNDS.


Dear Dancers and Parents,

Our recital goal is to give each dancer a rewarding experience, along with presenting a polished and entertaining performance to our audiences. We are anticipating that all of our dancers will Dance for Joy.

All dancers are expected to perform in both performances.  Each dancer is given a special place in their choreography. If they are not present at rehearsals or performances it is very difficult and confusing to their classmates. Many students are at the studio only one hour a week, certainly not a lot of time to perfect their skills.  They are a part of a "team" just as if it is softball or soccer. This is a perfect chance to teach anyone about commitment.

At this time of year we sometimes begin to be lax about some of the studio requests...

All hair must be securely pulled back -- a dancer cannot use the proper arms if constantly having to tuck hair behind her ears. Practice your ballet buns in class.  They are so much better than flying pony tails.  Remember, this is all part of dance discipline.

All tap shoes with ribbons MUST have elastics sewn on - Murphy's Law says ribbons will come undone during a dance!

Black leotard, pink tights, and no skirts for ballet classes.

No jewelry -- something small and unobtrusive may be acceptable in class.

Tights -- not pantyhose - are always worn with leotards, even in warm weather.

A neat appearance is the only accepted look in class.

And, thank you for sharing your time and your dancers with us. We all look forward to seeing you at the recital, especially if you are a volunteer. And we do need you!

Fay Schanne

Carrie DeSimone

Lindsay Gower

Corrine Hower

Karen Malone



Frequently Asked Questions

 Recital and dress rehearsal are held at Seneca High School


    ALL OF YOUR BALANCES must be paid in full before your costumes leave the studio.

    See Karen or Carrie or call 268-0501 for any questions pertaining to balances. Please understand that these are costumes! We really do agonize over choices, sizing and prices.

    Names on everything - costumes, shoes, tights, hairpieces and all personal items.


    When arriving at Seneca, please check in at the desk as you enter the main door. Each dancer will receive a sticker that determines where to sit in the auditorium. Be sure to be in the correct costume and that hair is done as requested for that specific dance. No jewelry is worn on stage, unless it is part of the costume.

    All 3 year olds, K1, K2 and Ch1 will rehearse first.  These four classes are to take their second costume and shoes backstage with them and will change there after rehearsing their first dance.  When they are finished, they are more than welcome to watch the rest of the dancers, as long as they are quiet. This is the only time they will be able to watch the older dancers, as during the performances NO DANCERS ARE ALLOWED IN THE AUDITORIUM.   

We cannot wait for latecomers, so be sure to check your scheduled time.

    SENECA HIGH SCHOOL rules forbid food and drinks in the auditorium.  Please don't be the cause of a problem.

See dress rehearsal schedule on last page.


   There will be a professional photographer to take pictures at the studio. We ask that you have your photos taken, even if you do not wish to purchase. Everyone enjoys looking at these and they make a nice remembrance for the studio.

   Stop at the desk or call to make your appointment.



All performers are to be at Seneca in costume and make-up 30 minutes before performance time. There may be last minute changes and instructions to be taken care of.

Dancers may bring a snack, preferably water and pretzels. Be sure the snack cannot be spilled, squeezed, dripped or dropped onto the costumes.  Again, Seneca rules, no food or drinks. 

Many dancers have more than one dance -- change into your favorite costume for the finale, if there is time.


Everyone likes to see his or name spelled correctly.  Please check with the desk, call or send a note with the correct spelling. 

Pineland Players will sell refreshments and flowers for their scholarship fund. Dancers love to receive flowers, but we must ask that you give them on your own time.  No flowers on stage - we have seen too many hurt feelings and tears.


Not necessary for dress rehearsal. However, if you want to practice, do it! 

A light touch for photos is all that is necessary. 

Definitely, "yes" for the performances. This is half the fun and excitement of being on the stage. Lipstick, blush and a touch of eye shadow for all. Lipstick should be a strong rosy red and blush lightly applied. Please, no clown cheeks or globs of blue eye shadow. All hair in ballet buns or if absolutely too short, pulled off the face. 3 year olds, K1 and K2 may wear bangs, but all others use lots of gel and hairspray and have all hair slicked back. NO CURLS, HANGING PIECES OR PILED HIGH HAIRDOS.


Come to dress rehearsal and take all the photos and videos you desire.     

As for the performances, you know you would never be allowed to do this in a theater. Not only is it rude concerning other audience members and can be distracting to performers, there are legalities that can cause us problems. Please honor our request.              


Tickets may be purchased at the studio two weeks before or at the door prior to performances.         

And for good news - while costs for almost everything keep going up all around us, ticket prices will remain the same as the last few years - $10.00. Everyone occupying a seat needs a ticket. Please remember, if you are holding a small child on your lap, you can be causing vision problems for the person in back of you.  

There is no reserved seating. All sweaters, coats, etc. that are found saving a seat will be removed. If you need special consideration, please speak to Carrie or Karen.


All performers, no matter age or ability, deserve an appreciative audience. Leaving after your favorite dancer has performed is unkind to all others. Surely a two or three hour performance is not too much for anyone to endure.



    As you can see, we have saved the best for last!  We cannot do our recitals without you wonderful volunteers.  Can you imagine the chaos if all these dancers were left to change their own costumes, fix a torn strap, find a lost shoe, finding their way to the bathroom, etc? There are lists posted on the bulletin board or call and let us know if you are willing to help.


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