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06/11/13 @ 10:02PM
Dear Mrs. Schanne,
I started dancing with you when I was 2.5 years old and I have loved dance ever since. Taking class with you made me a disciplined and flexible athlete. I am forever thankful that my mother had the foresight to enroll me in your program.

Today, I live in Philadelphia and have two children of my own who love music and dance. Wolfgang (almost 5) and Vivianna (almost 2.5) are ready to take the stage.

With thanks, love, and grace,
Jill aka \"McDougal\"
Enrolled 1975 Indidan Mills, NJ

Beth King (Website)
01/04/12 @ 10:05PM
Hi Mrs. Schanne,

I wanted to share with you my daughter, Sarah King\'s recent endeavor. Please check out her website where she is in a jazz swing band and enjoying a full schedule. I thought you would enjoy it. She regularly plays at clubs in NY, Standard Hotel being the most recent. You can also find some of her performances on you tube.

She always credits you with her performing arts bug! Thank you for sharing your love of dance and instilling that in her. She is also involved in several other dancing groups, one affiliated with the Hungry March Band and another reminiscent of the Solid Gold Dancers from the TV show. Both can be found on facebook and the web. She recently ran into the Hartsough kids in Brooklyn. Maybe Kathy mentioned it to you.

She also continues to perform in plays when the opportunity arises.

Hope you are well!

For your info here is her contact info:

Sincerely, Beth King

Grace Myers
09/24/11 @ 3:10PM
Mrs. Schanne, I don\\\'t know if you remember me, but you had me from when I was 2 and a half to when I was 11. You taught me the grace and poise that ballet included, and it has been one of the only things that has stuck with me my whole life. I\\\'ve continued to do ballet, and, as I\\\'m almost 15, I\\\'ve done is about 12 and a half years, and I can never thank you enough for being my first ballet teacher!

The \\\"what color is your butterfly and where are you going\\\" game is one of my earliest memories, as is your nickname for me - Gracefully.

I doubt you remember me, but when I found your website, I just needed to say thank you!

Carol Anne McErlean (Bader)
08/18/11 @ 6:07PM
Never have I forgotten the days gone by and dancing with Mrs. Schanne :D and that shoes shoud match our tights to avoid a blob at the end of our leg.
I currently wotk at a Performing Art Theatre and still take classes when I can, I have participated in master classes with several national and international companies but my fondest memories were trotting down the street to dance class and ice skating afterwards thinking we were the bomb.
And just a sidebar, Shelley Tait Evans and I have remained close over all these years and never a visit goes by without talk of the dancing days
hope this finds you well

Fran (Franny Jackson)
06/11/11 @ 10:01AM
Hello Mrs. Schanne!!
My sister and I have our daughters together this weekend for the first time in a long time since we live a few states apart.. Nevertheless, talks about dance ALWAYS come up!! We both love and miss you and hope all is well! (I have 2 daughters that both dance because of you and our shared love of dance!)

Theresa (Terry) Jackson
06/05/11 @ 5:00PM
Hello Mrs. Schanne!

SO happy to have found your website! I think of you often and have to say \"Thank You\" for teaching me so much more than just dance. Some of the best memories of my life, life lessons, and friendships have come from all the years I spent learning from you. Will love you always.

P.S. I have a three year old redheaded daughter who will be starting dance this coming fall! We live near Buffalo, NY, so if we\'re ever in the area, count on us for a visit.

Much love,

Pat Tillery (Fretwell)
05/14/10 @ 12:32AM
I took lessons from your studio over 30 years ago. I recently began taking ballroom dance lessons and your lessons all came right back to me.

Thank you.

Vikki Lucas
06/09/09 @ 10:54PM
Wow! This is such a lovely website! I absolutely ADORE the banner!

Faye, I love you, now and always.


Katie (White) Vazquez
03/03/09 @ 9:44PM
I just wanted to say hi!! I'm still dancing when my schedule allows...though I'm doing ballroom mostly. I also teach dance as a club where I teach. My 8th graders did the Nutcracker this year. (None of them had done anything like it before!!) I thought of you when I did it. I miss you and hopefully will get back to NJ to visit...and bring Lilacs. =)

01/11/09 @ 3:08AM
ALOHA everyone!
hope to see you all on June 3 ....
Hau\'oli Makahiki Hou !
Love to you all and stay on your toes!
\"Mrs Wisener\"

12/10/08 @ 2:15AM
Hi Mrs. Schanne,
It has been a long time. i miss you very much I think about you every time I dance. Thank you so much for teaching me everything i know about dance. I hope you are doing well and good luck with the Open House. Happy Holidays.
Love, Kellen

Nadine Johnson Davies
08/30/08 @ 4:03PM
Hi Mrs. Schanne,
Some of the best times of my childhood were spent in your classes! My daughter Samantha might be starting this year. My sister Farrah And I think of you often and hope you are doing well and will see you soon!
Love, Nadine

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